• Real value to real game-changers

    At Prototype Capital, we're on a mission to help young ambitious founders around the country

    build lasting 100-year businesses around products that change the status quo by 10x.

  • Here's how we work

    We believe in radical transparency

    We add real value

    • We really open up our rolodex so you can access our vast network in VC, Robotics/AI, healthcare, media, and enterprise.   
    • We help our portfolio companies partner with corporations via our Corporate Connect Program
    • We connect our portfolio companies with advisers (below) who have vested interest and aren't just on the web page for the sake of it
    • We provide guaranteed press opportunities (i.e., TechCrunch, Forbes, HuffPost, StartupGrind)
    • We provide free credits to platforms like AWS 
    • We're currently working to provide pro-bono legal and accounting work

    We're decentralized

    We believe that there are great entrepreneurs outside of just places like Silicon Valley. To help empower them and help build the ecosystem in more recently developed startup hubs, our fund has a decentralized structure with partners at universities and cities around the nation.


    If you're looking to get in touch with us, the best way in is to get in touch with your regional partner (or if you're interested in being a partner in your area, let us know!).

    We spend most of our time advising

    After exiting a company in the past, we've learned that money is cheap but good guidance is hard to come by. We're here to help you make the tough decisions as "Virtual CEOs." We really want to be your co-founder on demand and help you make tough decisions at 3 AM when the going gets tough:

    • decide which engineer to hire,
    • how to hold meetings effectively,
    • how to make decisions at scale,
    • how to hire an executive,
    • how to run interviews, 
    • how to fire an employee,
    • how to do enterprise sales,
    • help you raise your next round,
    • decide whether to sell

    We invest $10k-$100k checks

    We generally like to chip in follow-on capital (using a SAFE financial instrument) into companies started by founders younger than 25. Most of our value isn't in the cash we provide but rather our mentorship and our connections. We're interested in any company building a product that's better than the status quo by 10x but spend most of our time looking into the following spaces:

    • Robotics and Artificial Intelligence
    • Machine Learning for X 
    • Healthcare 
    • BioTech and Bioinformatics 
    • CleanTech
    • Hardware and IoT
    • Agriculture Tech
    • Consumer and Enterprise Software 
  • Prototype Corporate Connect Program

    To change the world, large corporations and agile startups need to work together.

    We're here to help make those partnerships possible.

    How our Corporate Connect Demo Days Work

    We run quarterly demo days in NY, SF, LA, and PHL connecting Fortune 500 Companies with portfolio companies in particular verticals. Our companies then have a chance to work with, pilot, and sell to these corporate partners.